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NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

NOCO GENIUS1 Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

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It always feels like Winter is right around the corner, doesn't it? With our short Springs, painfully hot Summers, and unpredictable Falls, Winter feels like a looming shadow over all else. When your summer sports cars and weekend warriors are cooped up inside for (at least) six months of the year, you know batteries, fluids, and tires are in for one long hibernation. Without the right prep and storage, all that sitting can wreak havoc on your car's batteries and other important bits.

Keep those batteries, electronics, and alarm systems in tip-top shape over the cold winter months with the NOCO GENIUS1 smart battery charger and maintainer. This intelligent charging system can handle both 6-volt and 12-volt systems, making them an ideal pairing for folks with MG's and Mustangs alike! Vintage classics and modern marvels can all be covered by this one, simple accessory.

Plus, with the ability to differentiate between lead-acid, AGM, and Lithium batteries, you can cover all your bases without a second thought! Whether it's too cold to take that Maserati out or too hot to drop the top on your Mercedes, the NOCO GENIUS1 has your back and ensures your car's battery is primed and prepped to go on your next drive!

(This is good to use on all of your lawn equipment too; mowers, tractors, snow blowers, and more!)

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