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Platinum Detail & Simoniz Paint and Interior Protection

Platinum Detail & Simoniz Paint and Interior Protection

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This is a different kind of detail.

Your vehicle is something special. Whether it's a classic example of American muscle, an exotic hand built Italian supercar, an old world creation of British luxury, a razor-sharp Japanese drift build, a subtly sophisticated Swedish estate wagon, a rising South Korean star, or an established German institution, your car is something uniquely yours, and there's no better care than ceramic.

The Platinum Detail & Simoniz Paint and Interior Protection Package is the ultimate choice in delicate vehicle care and class-leading finish and materials protection - a solution to the intense road grime, track use, and demanding wear. We pride ourselves on exceptional attention to detail and excellent value to preserve your car's paint, upholstery, and everything else in between, no matter the character or condition of driving.

See what a difference our Platinum Detail & Simoniz GlassCoat can make and drive off knowing you have the best in road protection for your car.

Scheduling is available online with multiple appointments on a daily basis for your convenience. We encourage you to book in advance to guarantee the best times as appointment slots fill quickly. Please contact us with any questions at (978) 319-4770 or check below for additional information!

The Detail:

  • We begin with a thorough, eco-friendly, spot-free exterior wash
  • Then we tackle tires, wheels, brake dust, and wheel wells
  • Next is paint decontamination, beginning with bug and tar removal
  • From there, we undergo a lubricated clay bar process
  • Followed by door jambs and their tight nooks and crannies
  • The exterior is then buffed to remove fine surface scratches and oxidation
  • And then the exterior is polished and waxed to perfect your vehicle's sheen
  • Moving inside, everything is thoroughly vacuumed, cleaned, and wiped down
  • Which is followed by a rigorous steam and shampoo process
  • After which a final conditioning of leather/vinyl surfaces is done
  • With one last wipe down, all windows are cleaned and shined

Ceramic Application:

Once the vehicle has been properly decontaminated, cleaned, detailed, and prepped, the Simoniz GlassCoat process can begin. Our ceramic process is highly specified and hand-applied. With a dedicated specialist focusing only on your vehicle, we gently work in a protective layer of GlassCoat on every panel of the vehicle's body, trim, appliques, glass, badges, lights, and more. Every exposed surface is treated with precision and care, ensuring the correct level of ceramic compound is used for the dissimilar materials making up the vehicle. In this time-intensive process, no amount of effort is spared in achieving perfection in protecting your vehicle. From the depths of the wheel spokes to the inner lip of the NACA ducts, every surface is treated with care.

Once the exterior has been applied, checked, and perfected, the interior protection begins. Every surface, every trim piece, every button of the switchgear, every gauge, every hide of leather, and every soft cut of Alcantara is handled with painstaking detail to ensure no bit is left untouched.

This truly is a detail and protection plan apart from the rest. With our Platinum Detail & Simoniz Paint and Interior Protection, you can rest assured that your vehicle will remained preserved in its perfection for years to come.

How it works:

Simoniz GlassCoat is a total ceramic protection system. Unlike traditional waxes and films that serve as temporary protection and need frequent reapplication, ceramic coatings are chemically bonded to your finishes to work with the natural characteristics of your paints, metal, clearcoats, upholstery and more to reinforce their natural properties and sheen, while building a far more robust, long-term protective barrier. Where even the best synthetic waxes and most tried Carnauba waxes may require maintenance and reapplication every 3-6 months, and leather conditioners and interior sealants may keep upholstery supple for 6-8 months, a ceramic coating can last for years. With regular maintenance details and cleaning, a GlassCoat can continue protecting your car for a lifetime, locking in the quality of your finishes and protecting against harmful UV rays, general muck and grime, and premature wear and tear like nothing else. With a 9H hardness rating, Simoniz GlassCoat is unbeatable in protecting against the harshness of our New England roads.

Scheduling: When scheduling online, please select your vehicle type (car, truck, or SUV), select your appointment date, choose a time, and please enter your name, best contact phone number, and any notes or instructions you would like to leave us. Once you click "schedule and get a text to confirm," please wait until you see the shopping cart to confirm your appointment. You do not have to pay immediately, this is just for the system to finalize the appointment! You should get a text message confirmation of the appointment within moments of seeing the shopping cart, as well as an additional reminder the morning of your appointment.

Payments: You can choose to pay prior to your appointment, both online and in store. You can also opt to pay upon pickup/completion. For your convenience, we offer interest-free pricing plans online via Shop Pay, and accept most forms of credit and debit, as well as cash and check. Our online system does not support a tip function. If you wish to leave a tip for your detailer, please speak with the store attendant or detailer upon pickup to ensure the tip is received by the correct individual.

Pricing: Prices are subject to change. Some prices and specials are seasonal and may not be guaranteed unless an appointment is booked in advance or otherwise finalized in person. Prices shown above are the most current figures for our Platinum Detail & Simoniz Paint and Interior Protection package. If you have any concerns, we always encourage customers to stop by for an in-person consultation, to better tailor services to their needs. Additional services such as paint touch-up, full headlight restoration, vinyl wrap/sticker/decal removal, tint removal, de-badging, multi-stage paint correction and deep scratch removal will incur additional costs. Please discuss this with our store or leave a note when scheduling to get the most accurate pricing information for these additional services. Please note that we are not responsible for any hidden damages below the surface of vinyl decals, tints, badges and stickers. Our removal process is highly involved and very precise, but hidden damage may present itself once these materials are removed.

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