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Mighty Cleaner "The Original" Shammy Towel

Mighty Cleaner "The Original" Shammy Towel

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When we think of car washing and detailing, we think of soaps and cleaners, maybe waxes and polishes, and who knows what else? The last thing you're thinking about is drying your car. It seems pretty simple - water doesn't take much to dry - but that can't be it, right?

Bingo! There's a lot more to it! Did you know that improperly drying your car can damage the paints, waxes, or coatings as badly as hitting nasty road contaminates? Yep! Dry it with the wrong tools and suddenly the dirt and debris you worked so hard to lift off in the first place is being ground right back into the paint.

So then what?

Easy! A simple, elegant, and scratch-free solution; Mighty Cleaner's "The Original" Shammy Towel. Acting as both an absorbent cloth and streak-free dryer, Mighty Cleaner's Shammy Towel pulls water away from your paint, preventing uneven drying and spotting. Quickly soaking in all the water, it leaves your paints dry in seconds without losing any glossy luster.

Soft yet durable, this chamois is perfect for all paint types and ensures your car can always look its best, even after the water's all gone. Keep your paint shining, your water streak-free, and your car clear of shedding and flaking from other drying towels.

Leave the towel slightly damp after every use and stow in the included case to ensure years of quality car drying action!

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