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3D - Final Touch Detail Spray

3D - Final Touch Detail Spray

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3D Final Touch is one of our flagship products.  It’s an easy-to-use product that is one of the most common products car owners purchase to keep their car clean and looking shiny.  The problem isn’t finding a spray detailer, the problem is finding the spray detailer that works just like you hope and expect.  Most spray detailers leave you disappointed because they simply don’t wipe off very easy and this causes frustration.  Most don’t also leave the surface feeling slippery and besides cleaning safely and adding gloss and shine, making the surface feel slick and slippery is the thing the majority of people are wanting of their spray detailer. 

The chemists at 3D take all these criteria into consideration when formulating Final Touch.  As car owners themselves, they know we’re all asking a lot from a single spray-on, wipe-off product, but it’s also a challenge that our R&D team took seriously when the created the formula for 3D Final Touch.  But all the talk and text in the world won’t prove this to you.  In order to become a believer, you need to use the product and then make up your own mind.  At less than $10.00 for a 16-ounce bottle, it’s a fairly inexpensive test.  And the good news is, after using your first bottle, it won’t be your last.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - Spray-on detailer.

What does it do? - Adds gloss, slickness and shine while removing light dust, fingerprints and/or smudges.

When do you use it? - Anytime you want to restore that just detailed look to your car.

Why use 3D Final Touch over other options? - Spray detailers are a dime a dozen, there are literally hundreds of these types of product on the market.  Most only work okay because they are simple formulas.  At 3D we don’t just create me-too products.  We create formulas that DOMINATE the competition in their respective category.  

3D Final Touch performs better than advertised. This high lubricity formula makes removing light dust and other light contamination as safe as possible.  Using clean, uncontaminated microfiber towels is the other key ingredient to wiping down scratch-sensitive paint safely and that aspect is up to you. Besides providing excellent lubrication, 3D Final Touch also makes smooth surfaces clear, shiny and glossy while at the same time imparting ingredients that also make the surface slick and slippery and this is something 3D’s chemists excel at.

Compare 3D Final Touch to any other spray detailer on the market in this category and you’ll see first-hand that our product is indeed the best spray detailer on the market.

  • Fast and easy way to give you car that just detailed look.
  • Spray-on, wipe-off formula can be used anywhere inside or outdoors.
  • Removes light dust, fingerprints, and smudges.
  • Adds gloss, shine, and slickness.
  • Easy wipe-off, no-smear formula works with any type of microfiber towel.
  • Extends time between washing and waxing.
  • Green technology, Earth friendly, biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant.
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